A short story or maybe a novel?

I’ve had a running idea in my head the last few months and it’s something I want to work on and slowly (very slowly) it may become something. I have ideas for directions I would like the story to go and I create character sketches that can continue to be hashed out. At some point I will get serious and write it all out. For now I will just share an intro that I wrote up since I figure I should start sharing something on this page.

Hopefully you enjoy it and if not hopefully the next thing I post will be more to your liking

As I flip through the channels late at night I catch a glimpse of my friend Jack on the news. I instantly flip back to the channel as Jack is being subdued by the police and I can hear the reporter telling the viewers that the world is safe again now that these protesters are off the streets.

I remember reading about the protest of the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 and how they reported that the world could be safe again. Going back even further to the removal of colored people from diners and buses. The world has been removing the things they do not understand for all time.

Apparently it still happens today as I watch Jack be escorted off the streets for supporting Man’s right to marry a woman. I sweat as I think of the beating Jack will receive when his two dads are called to bail their son out of jail.

The sad part is that Jack is gay and happy. He’s in a loving relationship with my younger brother who is pacing the room behind me in a worried state wondering why his boyfriend of three years was at the protest. What he doesn’t know is that Jack was there supporting his best friend who happens to be in love with the girl next door.

What he also doesn’t know is that while Jack was protesting for my rights to be married I was a coward hiding in the woods with Charlotte. We have a meeting place that only the three of us know about and when Jack suggested that we all go to the protest Charlotte and I laughed it off. We are happy being hidden from the world.

The pressure to be out and proud doesn’t seem worth it. Of course Jack went anyways and will now have questions that need to be answered. He will need to meet with his pastor and sit down with his religious fathers. It is all a mess and I couldn’t even be troubled to stand up with something that actually affects me.

Maybe I’ll want to marry Charlotte someday. Maybe I will want to have a child without having to visit a lab or find a compatible women willing to lend me her womb. Watching Jack get arrested makes me ashamed that I can’t be there for my friend.

That will all change. I will need to stand up for myself and for Charlotte. I just don’t know how to do it yet.


A New Journey

I’ve been wanting to write. Not because I want to be published or because I want to be famous. Just because I have thinks in my head and ever once in a while something good settles in there and needs to get out.

That is where this blog comes into effect. Whenever I write something that feels worth posting where it is a short story, a poem, or random thoughts on something going on in the world I figure I will post it here. Also I have nothing else to do so this will fill some of my time.

So hopefully someone will take this journey with me. I can’t promise it will always be enjoyable but I am sure I can fit in with the rest of the assorted junk that can be found on the interweb.